Best answer: Will the VA pay for a massage chair?

Accordingly, the Veteran is not entitled to reentrance into the independent living services program, to include the purchase of a massage chair, a desktop computer, a desk, and a recumbent exercise bicycle. 38 C.F.R. §§ 21.162, 21.284.

Does Va cover massage chairs?

We occasionally receive requests for help with getting a massage chair approved through the VA. … Once you have the “Letter of Medical Necessity” from your doctor, the next step is to provide proof of medical studies that support the health benefits of massage, for every condition that your doctor has listed.

Will the VA pay for a shower chair?

Other items of medical equipment, e.g., commodes, shower chairs, alternating pressure pads, wheelchair cushions, flotation cushions, standing tables, grab-bars, raised toilet seats, etc., may be furnished to a veteran eligible under VA regulations, when prescribed as being a necessary aspect of the veteran’s VA care …

How much does a back massage chair cost?

In a nutshell, massage chairs can range from $150 to $4,000, although there’s a minority that can reach up to $15,000. Let’s dissect each price range and take a look at the common features of each.

How do I get free gym equipment for veterans?

Chris Coffland, Catch A Lift Fund (CAL) enables post 9/11 combat wounded Veterans to regain and maintain their physical and mental health by providing granted gym memberships, fitness programs or in-home gym equipment, anywhere in the United States.

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What is a TRA grant?

Veterans or servicemembers who have specific service-connected disabilities may be entitled to a grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the purpose of constructing an adapted home or modifying an existing home to meet their adaptive needs. …

Will the VA buy me a bed?

The Prosthetic dept can only buy mattresses for hospital beds.

Are massage chairs good for back pain?

A good hands-on massage can play a crucial role in alleviating back pain. Similarly, a good massage chair is designed to provide some measure of pain relief and relaxation, however, without the need for person-to-person interaction. … Massage improves venous and lymphatic flow—manipulating muscles increases blood flow.

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