Can acupuncturist bill Medicare?

Can a licensed acupuncturist bill Medicare?

“Currently, acupuncturists are not recognized by CMS as Medicare providers, and are not eligible to bill for acupuncture services. It is possible, however, for acupuncturists to provide acupuncture as auxiliary personnel ‘incident to’ a physician’s service in certain settings.

Can a chiropractor bill Medicare for acupuncture?

Medicare does cover acupuncture. Historically, Medicare offered coverage for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. However, in 2020 acupuncture won a place in Medicare coverage. Part B covers up to 12 acupuncture visits in 90 days for chronic low back pain.

What is the Medicare reimbursement rate for acupuncture?

Based on existing relative value units and the 2020 Medicare conversion factor of $36.086, primary code 97810 (first 15 minutes) should be reimbursed at $38 in the office setting, while add-on code 97811, which covers each additional 15-minute increment, will be paid at $28 (All fees par, not adjusted for locality).

Can an acupuncturist opt out of Medicare?

All three professions have and will approach Medicare from and with different circumstances and needs. Acupuncturists will be able to request practitioner designation and thus, the ability to opt-out.

Does acupuncture really work?

National Institutes of Health (NIH) studies have shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment alone or in combination with conventional therapies to treat the following: Nausea caused by surgical anesthesia and cancer chemotherapy.

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Does United Healthcare pay for acupuncture?

Nationally Covered Indications

Effective for claims with dates of service on and after January 21, 2020, acupuncture is only covered for chronic low back pain under section 1862(a)(1)(A) of the Social Security Act (the Act). See National Coverage Determination section 30.3.

Is acupuncture covered by private health insurance?

Private health insurers might cover a wide range of natural therapies in extras packages or under combined cover. The most common natural therapies covered by insurers are acupuncture, naturopathy, and remedial massage.

Is acupuncture reimbursed by insurance?

Yes, in some cases insurance carrier will pay for all of the services rendered and billed. Some premium insurance plans continue to reimburse providers based on the actual services rendered.

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