Does massage help a clogged tear duct?

Massaging can help open the blockage. Your child’s doctor may recommend you see an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) if a tear duct doesn’t open up on its own or if your child keeps getting infections. The ophthalmologist will do an eye exam to rule out other problems and, if needed, can clear the blockage.

How often should I massage a blocked tear duct?

Doctors recommend massaging the tear duct area two to three times a day with freshly washed hands. Using your index finger, apply medium pressure to the part of your baby’s eye closest to the nose and massage downward, toward the nose.

Will a warm compress help a blocked tear duct?

A warm compress can help decrease pain. It can also make it easier to unblock the tear duct. Use a small towel or gauze dipped in warm water. Leave the compress in place for 5 minutes.

Can a blocked tear duct come and go?

A blocked tear duct can happen in one or both eyes. The blockage may be there at all times. Or it may come and go.

How do you clear a blocked eyelash follicle?

Gently rub the washcloth over your eyelashes and the edge of your lids for about 30 seconds to loosen clogged oil. Apply light pressure along your eyelashes to squeeze out clogged oils from the glands behind your lashes. Rinse thoroughly with a clean, warm, wet washcloth. Pat dry.

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How can you tell the difference between a conjunctivitis and a blocked tear duct?

This also can lead to tearing, discharge from the eye and matting that causing the eyelids to be stuck together. The main difference is that with a blocked tear duct, there is not redness of the white of the eye.

Can sinusitis cause blocked tear duct?

If you have ongoing sinusitis, you get swollen tissues in your sinuses, which can form scars that block the tear ducts. Sinus surgery can also lead to a blockage by damaging the tear ducts or the holes that drain to them.

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