How do you reset the infinity massage chair?

How do you reset a massage chair?

Reset your massage chair if unplugging and plugging it back in didn’t get it working. Some massage chairs will reset from being powered down and up again. Other massage chairs have a reset button on the remote. Some have a button sequence such as holding the tapping and kneading buttons down for a few seconds.

How do you activate the Infinity massage chair?

Once your chair is plugged in and the power button on the rear lower panel is in the on position, you can begin using your massage chair. Start by pressing the power button on the lower section of your remote. Auto Programs – You can choose one of the six auto programs by selecting the auto button on the remote.

How do you reset a Cozzia massage chair?

Please press the “ON/OFF” button after use, the chair will stop operation. Massage Rollers will restore to its original position; then switch the power supply button under the chair to “O” and unplug the machine from the wire socket.

Why did my massage chair stopped working?

If your massage chair isn’t working or you’re having trouble switching it ON or OFF, check the power cord. There can be two possibilities for why it’s happening: Either the power cord is burnt, Or it isn’t installed properly.

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What does Ktr stand for on massage chair?

Keys to Recovery (support group; various locations) KTR. Keep Them Rolling. KTR.

How do you move a Daiwa massage chair?

Make sure that the backrest is in its highest upright position. Shut off power and remove the power plug from the wall outlet. Standing behind the back of the chair, grasp its backrest and tilt it downward, so that the front of the chair rises off of the floor. Push the chair to the location you desire.

Does Osaki massage chair have Bluetooth?

The Osaki OS-PRO Maestro is another great option with Bluetooth and a top seller as well. In addition to the speakers, the chair also offers an iPhone and Android app, 4D massage technology, and heated massage rollers.

How do I connect my Cozzia massage chair to Bluetooth?

Step 1: Insert the power plug and turn on the swift to “1” position on the rear bottom of chair base. Step 2: Open “Setting–>Bluetooth” to search for the Massage Chair Bluetooth ID. Step 3: Find and connect with the Massage Chair Bluetooth ID.

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