How long is massage therapy school in Oregon?

All of these schools meet or exceed the requirements of the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists (including offering 200 hours of health sciences and 300 hours of massage theory and practical application). Most programs take at least 12 months to complete and classes have low teacher to student ratios.

How much money does a massage therapist make in Oregon?

Oregon average massage therapist salary: $62,130.

Can I transfer my massage license to Oregon?

Regulation and Licensing for Massage Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions. How do I get a license to practice massage in Oregon? … If you’re moving to Oregon from another state where you had a license, you will still need to go through the application process and will most likely need to take the practical exam.

How much does a LMT make?

Where are massage therapists most in demand?

State Median Salary Top 10%
Arizona $46,310 $66,690
Arkansas $46,020 $63,410
California $44,730 $80,940
Colorado $46,020 $65,170

How much does it cost to renew your massage license in Oregon?


Title Fee Amount Total Due
Active License Renewal $200.00 $200.00
Late fee $25.00
Application $100.00 $141.25
Initial License $100.00 $100.00

How do I become a licensed massage therapist in Oregon?

Massage Certification: Requirements for Becoming a Licensed Oregon Massage Therapist

  1. Educational requirements: The state requires a total of 500 educational hours related to massage. …
  2. Pass the Oregon Practical Exam. …
  3. Pass a Board-Approved Written Exam, as approved by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists.
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Does MBLEx expire?

Do I need to renew my MBLEx? There is no renewal requirement. Once you pass the MBLEx, you do not need to pay any more money or take any classes to maintain your MBLEx result.

What is the Oregon jurisprudence exam?

State Jurisprudence Exam: A 25 question written jurisprudence exam will be included with the exam appointment notification or mailed directly. It is an open book test that can be completed at home. After completing the test, the candidate must deliver the completed test to the Board.

Can I transfer my California massage license to another state?

True reciprocity does not exist for massage licensees. Your state license, even your national certification, does not allow you to practice massage freely outside your state. Most of the time, a license in the new state must be obtained before you can legally work as a massage therapist.

Is massage therapy a good job?

Massage therapy is a great profession for anyone who is a hands-on worker, wants a versatile and flexible work environment, and is interested in helping others. The points below discuss the reasons a career as a massage therapist may be an ideal career for you.

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