Question: Does acupuncture help thoracic outlet syndrome?

Acupuncture has proven to provide relief to those suffering from the pain of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Visit an acupuncture clinic in San Diego or in your local area for a practitioner’s evaluation and pain relief treatment.

Can acupuncture help TOS?

The acupuncture treatment for TOS is to alleviate pressure, tension, pain and numbness in the arm by restoring and normalizing the flow of blood and energy in the muscles of the neck. Acupuncture can be a very effective treatment for TOS in just a few treatments, often when nothing else has helped the TOS symptoms.

Can thoracic outlet syndrome go away on its own?

Can thoracic outlet syndrome improve on its own? No. For people who have mild TOS, lifestyle changes may be enough to make the symptoms go away. But more serious TOS should be treated by a doctor as soon as possible.

Do neurologists treat thoracic outlet syndrome?

How is thoracic outlet syndrome diagnosed? Your medical team at The Lung Center will collaborate with a neurologist to evaluate your symptoms. Your medical team will perform a complete physical examination in order to find any outward signs of thoracic outlet syndrome, such as swelling or discoloration.

Can a neurologist diagnose TOS?

Your doctor may recommend a thorough evaluation by a skilled neurologist to rule out cervical spine disease and other neurological conditions with similar symptoms. Additional tests that help diagnose thoracic outlet syndrome include: nerve conduction studies to evaluate the function of the motor and sensory nerves.

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Which fingers are affected by thoracic outlet syndrome?

What are the symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome? When the brachial plexus nerves are compressed, you may experience numbness and tingling on the inner arm, pinky finger, or pinky side of your ring finger. If left untreated, the compression can create weakness or paralysis of the muscles moving the thumb and fingers.

How do you sleep with thoracic outlet syndrome?

Change sleeping positions. Try sleeping on one side, or sleep without a firm pillow. If symptoms are caused from overdeveloped neck mus- cles, reduce exercises that build the neck muscles. Thoracic outlet syndrome is usually curable in most patientswithphysicaltherapyorchangesinsleepinghabits.

Is heat good for thoracic outlet syndrome?

Applying heat to the thoracic outlet may relieve nerve and muscle compression that can lead to pain and swelling.

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