What is external cardiac massage?

What is external cardiac compression?

Abstract. External cardiac compression is now the accepted method of treating sudden cardiac arrest. The technique is described, with particular emphasis on the steps which can cause serious trauma, if not properly performed. Ventilation of the lungs is of paramount importance.

What is a cardiac massage used for?

Open cardiac massage is typically performed when there is inadequate cardiac output, after emergency thoracotomy for penetrating chest trauma, during pericardial tamponade, or during cardiac arrest following recent chest surgery.

How do you do external heart massage?

Outside the Hospital

Make sure there is a patent airway, and ventilate the patient’s lungs. Begin cardiac massage. Apply forceful pressure 60 to 80 times a minute on the lower sternum. Do not apply any pressure on the ribs with your fingers; use only the heel of the hand.

Is cardiac massage the same as CPR?

The use of open-chest cardiac massage, although generally replaced by closed-chest CPR, still has an active role in the OR and ICU, especially during and after thoracic surgery. Compared with closed-chest CPR, open-chest CPR generates greater cardiac output and vital organ blood flow.

Why do doctors punch the chest?

In a precordial thump, a provider strikes at the middle of a person’s sternum with the ulnar aspect of the fist. The intent is to interrupt a potentially life-threatening rhythm. The thump is thought to produce an electrical depolarization of 2 to 5 joules.

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What is meant by cardiac massage?

Medical Definition of cardiac massage

: the manual application of rhythmic pressure on the heart especially to resuscitate a person experiencing cardiac arrest.

What is open chest CPR?

Open chest cardiopulmonary resuscitation (OC-CPR) is the direct massage of the heart as opposed to the conventional closed chest cardiac compressions (CC-CPR). Numerous human and animal studies demonstrate how OC-CPR results in significantly improved hemodynamics and outcomes when compared to CC-CPR.

When is the external cardiac massage is performed?

The aim of external cardiac massage is to cause the heart to pump blood to the other parts of the body. It should be started simultaneously with artificial respiration in a victim whose heart has stopped beating (as made out by an absent pulse in the neck or groin).

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