You asked: Is massage therapy allied health?

Distinct from nursing, dentistry or medicine, allied healthcare professionals make up approximately 60% of the health workforce. Examples include athletic trainer, exercise physiologist, paramedic, and massage therapist.

What type of occupation is massage therapy?

Massage therapists work in an array of settings, such as spas, franchised clinics, physicians’ offices, hotels, and fitness centers. Some massage therapists also travel to clients’ homes or offices to give a massage.

What is considered an allied health professional?

Allied health professionals, to name a few, include dental hygienists, diagnostic medical sonographers, dietitians, medical technologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, radiographers, respiratory therapists, and speech language pathologists.

What are the 4 examples of allied health professionals?

Allied Health Care Professionals

  • Athletic Training.
  • Stereotypic Movement Disorder.
  • Musculoskeletal Injury.
  • Geriatric Assessment.
  • Physiotherapist.
  • Health Care Provider.
  • Patient Care.
  • Colorectal Tumor.

Is massage therapy a healthcare career?

Massage therapist is not a regulated health profession in Alberta. Some municipalities require massage therapists to be licensed under local bylaws or to provide an annual police security clearance.

Why I quit being a massage therapist?

The first five years of practice are the most difficult because you’re not used to the physical demands, and many massage therapists quit due to burnout. Acclimating to the emotional demands are difficult as well. Clients come to you with frustrations and complaints, often times breaking down and crying in the room.

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What is the highest paying allied health job?

The Top 16 Highest-Paid Allied Health Careers

  • Respiratory Therapists. …
  • Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians. …
  • Dental Hygienists. …
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. …
  • Orthotists and Prosthetists. …
  • Audiologists. …
  • Physical Therapists. …
  • Occupational Therapists.

What are the 14 AHP professions?

The 14 allied health professions

  • Art Therapists.
  • Drama therapists.
  • Music therapists.
  • Chiropodists/podiatrists.
  • Dietitians.
  • Occupational therapists.
  • Operating Department Practitioners.
  • Orthoptists.

What are the six allied health areas?

Six Examples of Allied Health Professions

  • Basic Nursing Assistant.
  • Dental Assisting.
  • Massage Therapy.
  • Medical Assisting.
  • Medical Coding.
  • Pharmacy Technician.

Is Social Work allied health?

Social workers are arguably the largest group of allied health professionals in the public health workforce. … In NSW Health, more social workers are employed than any other allied health profession.

What is included in allied health?

Allied health practitioners include:

  • psychologists.
  • physiotherapists.
  • pharmacists.
  • social workers.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners.
  • occupational therapists.
  • medical radiation practitioners.
  • chiropractors.
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