You asked: What is a holistic massage?

Even the constitution of the Massage Training Institute (MTI) blandly defines holistic massage as nurturing touch involving the whole person . Other sources talk of holistic massage affecting all levels, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual .

What is a holistic full body massage?

A Holistic Body Massage is a massaging treatment that focuses on tense and stressed-out muscles but also helps impact a client’s emotional wellbeing. … The whole point of a holistic body massage is to target the places on your body that you feel is most “stressed out”.

What does holistic massage include?

The term “holistic” derives from the ancient Greek word “holos,” which means “whole.” By definition, Holistic Massage treats the whole body as a single entity, and is specifically tailored to each client. … As a Massage Therapist, you need to have an understanding of how the body works.

What does a holistic massage therapist do?

A Holistic approach

Holistic massages have similar goals of traditional massages with some modifications. The practice emphasizes bringing the entire body into balance as well as removing emotional stress. The hands-on techniques work to release toxins from the body so healing can take place.

Does holistic massage include private parts?

A full-body massage doesn’t have to include your sensitive areas. … Your therapist will unwrap your arm and shoulder, for instance, or uncover your leg while she massages that part of your body. When she needs you to turn over, she will hold the towel up as a screen so you can turn over in private.

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What is the difference between holistic and Swedish massage?

Swedish massage can be both relaxing and energizing and helps to provide a feeling of overall well-being. Deep tissue massage generally focuses on a deeper layer of musculature and fascia. … Holistic massage is a massage that looks to address and balance the person as a whole.

Why Wellness massage can be known as holistic treatment?

Holistic massage therapy recognizes both the physical and mental side of stress and injury. It also recognizes that one is no more important than the other.

What benefits are there in a massage for both a client and a therapist?

5 Benefits of Massage

  • Relaxing Muscles. The most common reason people call to book a massage is to relax and to relieve tight muscles. …
  • Easing Headaches. …
  • Improving Digestion. …
  • Managing Anxiety, Stress and Depression. …
  • Enhancing Quality of Sleep.

Why is massage a complementary therapy?

Massage as a complementary therapy

People often use massage therapy to help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness. It can also help reduce pain (such as headaches and low back pain), anxiety and stress. It improves circulation and promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being.

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