What is a homeopathic veterinarian?

Homeopathy uses the principle of “like cures like” where small amounts of substances that would cause the symptoms are used to treat the symptoms. Most vets who use Homeopathy use it along with other treatments as part of their Holistic approach.

Is homeopathy good for dogs?

Homeopathic medicine for cats and dogs is a holistic method using natural substances to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Just like in humans, homeopathy can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, from allergies to diarrhea.

Are holistic vets real vets?

What Is a Holistic Veterinarian? Unlike a conventional veterinarian, holistic veterinarians utilize treatments such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic practice, and homeopathy in their treatment plans.

Do homeopathics expire?

No, we do not recommend taking a Boiron medicine past its expiration date.

Is homeopathy safe for animals?

Holistic medicines are derived from entirely natural substances such as minerals, plants and animal matter which stimulate the immune system and promote natural self-healing. Is homeopathy safe for my pet? Yes, homeopathic remedies are completely natural and safe for the majority of humans and pets alike.

How do I give my dog homeopathic medicine?

With pets, a more effective way is to either put a couple of pellets inside the mouth flap, on the gum, or mix the dry pellets into purified or distilled water and syringe it onto their tongue, or to shake it up and give by teaspoonful, we recommend to visit Pets Get The Best for further details.

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Is Belladonna safe for dogs?

Belladonna forms a branching shrub-like plant with dark purple flowers and glossy black berries that are deceptively sweet. Rabbits, cattle, and birds are able to safely consume the berries, but the entire plant is toxic to both humans and dogs, even in small quantities.

What is sepia 200c used for?

Information about SBL Sepia Dilution 200 CH

SBL Sepia Dilution is an effective remedy to treat psychological issues in women. It relieves stress and treats depression and anxiety. It is helpful in controlling anger, mood swings and in some cases, it is used to treat conditions related to constipation.

Are holistic vets any good?

Since holistic vets don’t turn to drugs and surgery as often, they need an array of alternative treatments to offer their furry and feathered patients…and they have quite a few! … Interestingly enough, some of these treatments offer better results for common pet health problems than drugs and surgery.

Does holistic veterinary medicine work?

“While the ‘find it and kill it’ Western medical approach may work for infectious diseases, holistic medicine uses preventative measures by treating the whole body. Holistic veterinary care is much more effective when treating chronic illnesses like heart disease. “This is not to say Western medicine isn’t useful.

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