Best answer: How heavy is a massage chair?

Generally Inada massage chairs weigh around 150-180 lbs, which is understable considering the properties they bring along.

How much weight does a massage chair hold?

Most chairs have a stated limited of 265 to 285 lbs. This review should help people that are big in size and weight and are on the fence to jump off and make the purchase!

How much does a portable massage chair weigh?

Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair

The chair itself weighs just 24 lbs but it can take up to 600 lbs of human weight at once. This is possible thanks to the impressively strong aircraft grade aluminum frame. This doesn’t stop the chair from being easily foldable, however, which makes it a great travel companion.

How heavy is a Osaki massage chair?

Approximate Shipping Dimensions and Weights

Product Weight: 215 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 281.40 lbs.
Length: 52.00″
Width: 30.00″
Height: 38.00″

Can you overuse a massage chair?

Excessive use is known to lead to muscle damage, inflammation, and bruised tissues in addition to causing harm to the internal massage chair motor. So, take it slow and easy with your massage chair, especially when you’re using it for the first time. The cost of overuse does not outweigh any perceived benefit.

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What should I look for in a portable massage chair?

The best portable massage chair should be easy to transport and should be light in weight. For instance, the Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair has a lightweight, sturdy aircraft-quality aluminum frame that weighs 15.2 lbs and a carrying case with wheels, making it easy to transport.

How much does a professional massage chair cost?

In a nutshell, massage chairs can range from $150 to $4,000, although there’s a minority that can reach up to $15,000.

How much does a Osaki massage chair cost?

Compare Top-Selling Osaki Massage Chairs

OS-4000T OS-PRO Admiral
Price $2,495.00 $4,299.00
Color Options Black, Brown, Cream Black, Brown, Taupe
Massage Track S-Track L-Track

Who manufactures Osaki massage chairs?

Osaki has introduced two new models to the US market that are manufactured 100% in Japan. The chair models are made by Fuji Medical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd, which is one of the oldest massage chair manufacturers in Japan and, thus, since massage chairs began in Japan, one of the oldest in the world.

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